There is a bug in extracting subwatershed parameters, resulting in significant differences in simulated sediment and nutrient values. Thus, please use this extesion, right after "watershed delineation" and before land use and soil definition".

  • SWAT Slope-length Computation Module
    유역의 하천 흐름과 허용 최대 경사장을 고려한 소유역내 평균 경사장 산정 모듈 개발

  • SWAT ArcView GIS Patch 1
  • SWAT ArcView GIS Patch 2
    Please download the patch and unzip it at C:\BASINS\etc\Extensions\Delineate folder.

    Reference : Lim, K. J., and S. G., Heo, 2007. Development of SWAT Watershed Delineation Fix to Reflect Steep Topography in Korea. Department of Agricultural Engineering Research Report 2007-01, Kangwon National University, Kangwon, Korea

    If you need further information regarding SWAT watershed delineation patch,
    please email me at

  • The sediment trapping efficiency equation in current SWAT model has been modified to estimate the sediment trapping efficiency with modified equation, which considers surface runoff flow volume and filter strip width!!
    SWAT-F (2000) : Filter Strip Module Modified SWAT ver.2000
    SWAT-F (2005) : Filter Strip Module Modified SWAT ver.2005
        VFSMOD-W 모형을 이용한 SWAT 모형의 초생대 유사 저감 효율 모듈 개선
        Enhancement and Evaluation of SWAT Filter Strip Module reflecting Field Runoff Volume and Filter Strip Width.pdf
        농경지 발생 유출량과 초생대 폭을 고려한 SWAT 초생대 유사 저감효율 모듈개선 및 요과 분석.pdf
    SWAT-oF (2005) : Filter Strip Module Modified SWAT ver.2005

  • SWAT 관련 연구실적