USLE is one of the old model which is still in use for the prediction of soil erosion.It calculates average annual soil loss based on five parameters.

    Among those five different parameters, R factor is one the important factors which contribute in the estimation of soil loss.
   The value of R factor depends upon:
      ‣Rainfall Intensity
      ‣Rainfall Duration
      ‣Rainfall velocity
      ‣Rainfall Energy

     Special Features of the Module:
   » Very simple and easy to use.
   » Very effective tool to estimate the parameter R-factor of USLE.
   » Yearly, monthly and eventwise R-factor value can be obtained.
   » 10 minute interval rainfall data is used.
   » No need of modification for missing rainfall data of certain period.
   » Option to select minimum number of hour with no rainfall for the separation of rainfall events.

Upload Rainfall data

Please select the ten minute interval rainfall data of the area. The input file should be a textfile (*.txt) The file should contain data in following order :
YY : MM : DD: HH : mm : RR
where,YY=year, MM=months, DD=days, HH=hour, mm=minute and RR=Daily Accumulated Rainfall data.


Numbers of hours to consider rainfall event

Select the number of hours of no rainfall to consider to separate one rainfall event from another.
Leave as a default value of six hour if you dont have any specific norm for your area.

Developed by:

GIS Environmental System Laboratory
Kangwon National University